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Hello, world

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Love you paris, you are so cool! xoxo

hey darlin, just checkin yer sight out, wanted to say hi.

Hai Paris, have a lovely day, wish u all the great :-)





Just wanna say hi

Hello paris, my name is sarah and i am requesting ur help. im sure u have people all the time asking u for things, but i didnt know where else to turn. im 26 yrs old & losing all my teeth because of the poor dental care here. no one will hire me and im embarassed to go back to school. im not asking for a freebee, i am willing to work off whatever the cost may be. I just want to feel beautiful & like a woman again, i want my husband & son to admire me not pity me..please contact me if there is anyway u can help me. thank u so much for listening.

I just wnt say hello..
Trust me..u so beutifull.

Hello paris i'd just like to say im your biggest fan iloveyour work and what you do im 10 years old and i'v always wanted to meet you love you millions. Love lauren from borehamwood in england ;-) xxxx

I love u paris ur a hottie xox my fav

Email me pls paris

Hiii paris. Im 13 years old and i heard about ur website on twitter just wanted to check it out

Hi paris im destiny. I just wanted to check out ur website. Cooool :)

paris i wants u baby.. i love u so much..
i wants to marry with u paris plz paris you will happy with me..
i m 20 years old hot boy and i m student.. paris plz understand i have lot of feelings for u. trust me baby mmmmuah

HEYA SWEETHEART. I just want to let u know that i <3 u like no one do. I have no idea about what u do in ya bussines or, and by da way, I dnt even care. I just love ur AMAZING BLOND hair, ur perfect cute face (i fall in love each time i see it) ur elite body, ur skin. DAMN, URE A GOD. love ur charity and the way that how u xpress the love to ur fans. LOVE U PARIS. xoxo paris.

Oh, forgot to said. Im Rafael from Panama. 20 years old. I really <3 u


God bless u


if,u not busy pls emil me ok!

Hi paris heard about ur website and wanted to check it out

Hey,paris,jus seeing u in ma face wld jus make me obalistic

what it do paris.Just giving a shot out to your page

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